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Paul Krugman’s Errors and Omissions

Richard Heinberg    Sep 21, 2014  &/bsp;

In a New York Times op-ed, economist-columnist Paul Krugman took a swipe at my organization, Post Carbon Institute, lumping us together with the Koch brothers as purveyors of “climate despair.” Apparently our shared error is that we say fighting climate change and growing the economy are incompatible. ... >>

Changing People's Minds about Fossil Fuels

Bill McKibben    Jul 11, 2014  &/bsp;

Word came recently that both the Philadelphia Quakers and the Unitarian General Assembly have decided to divest from fossil fuels. It followed by few weeks the news that the Roman Catholic … >>

Recent Loss of Freshwater Wetlands Worldwide Valued at $2.7 Trillion per Year

Sandra Postel    Jun 25, 2014  &/bsp;

The question of whether to drain a wetland to make way for a shopping mall or a cornfield, or to instead leave the wetland intact, often seems like a no-brainer: the “development” options have a clear dollar value, but the wetlands themselves do not. ... >>

IEA Says the Party’s Over

Richard Heinberg    Jun 5, 2014  &/bsp;

The International Energy Agency has just released a new special report called “World Energy Investment Outlook” that should send policy makers screaming and running for the exits ... >>

Michael Shuman: "I would say that we are winning"

Michael Shuman Rob Hopkins    Apr 29, 2014  &/bsp;

I mostly follow evidence inside the United States and from that I would say that we are winning. There’s just been study after study that’s come out showing that localisation is good... ... >>

The Oil 'Revolution' Story Is Dead Wrong

Richard Heinberg Chris Martenson    Mar 20, 2014  &/bsp;

This is a transcript of a conversation between Post Carbon Fellows Chris Martenson and Richard Heinberg ... >>

The Purposely Confusing World of Energy Politics

Richard Heinberg    Feb 11, 2014  &/bsp;

Life often presents us with paradoxes, but seldom so blatant or consequential as the following. Read this sentence slowly: Today it is especially difficult for most people to understand our … >>

West Virginia’s Elk River Chemical Spill and How We Measure Progress

Sandra Postel    Jan 29, 2014  &/bsp;

It’s a cruel irony for the 300,000 West Virginians forced to turn off their taps for five to ten days earlier this month after a chemical spill contaminated their drinking water … >>

Holmgren’s ‘Crash on Demand’: be careful what you wish for

Rob Hopkins    Jan 16, 2014  &/bsp;

It is a rare occurence that I disagree with David Holmgren.  One of my heroes, and the co-founder of permaculture, I generally find his intellect formidable, his insights on permaculture … >>

SPECIAL BRIEFING: Attacking Fracking's Achilles Heel -- Economics

Richard Heinberg Asher Miller    Dec 11, 2013  &/bsp;

Join us for a special online briefing and conversation with Richard Heinberg and Deborah Rogers to explore how the anti-fracking community can turn the fracking industry's biggest weapon into their greatest vulnerability. ... >>