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The EIA is Seriously Exaggerating Shale Gas Production in its Drilling Productivity Report

David Hughes    Apr 21, 2014  &/bsp;

The government's monthly “productivity” reports on US shale gas and tight oil are widely quoted by the media. But they greatly overstate actual production -- as the government's own statistics show. ... >>

Export Stupidity

Richard Heinberg    Mar 27, 2014  &/bsp;

Congress is holding hearings this week on the possible lifting of a US oil export ban instituted in the 1970s to promote national energy self-sufficiency and has invited a number of … >>

Book Review: Snake Oil: how fracking's false promise of plenty imperils our future

Richard Heinberg    Mar 24, 2014  &/bsp;

For those who thought the 'fracking' issue was just about water pollution and earthquakes, Richard Heinberg's Snake Oil might be a little perplexing. ... >>

The Peak Oil Crisis: Our Harsh Winter Continues

Tom Whipple    Mar 20, 2014  &/bsp;

Two weeks ago we discussed the impact that the polar vortex was having on our natural gas supplies and noted that our stocks of natural gas were already 500 billion cubic feet below where they … >>

The Oil 'Revolution' Story Is Dead Wrong

Richard Heinberg Chris Martenson    Mar 20, 2014  &/bsp;

This is a transcript of a conversation between Post Carbon Fellows Chris Martenson and Richard Heinberg ... >>

The Peak Oil Crisis: A Winter Update

Tom Whipple    Feb 20, 2014  &/bsp;

As the years go by, those studying peak oil are beginning to develop a better understanding of what has been happening since the concept of limits to oil production came to widespread attention. … >>

The Purposely Confusing World of Energy Politics

Richard Heinberg    Feb 11, 2014  &/bsp;

Life often presents us with paradoxes, but seldom so blatant or consequential as the following. Read this sentence slowly: Today it is especially difficult for most people to understand our … >>

Holmgren’s ‘Crash on Demand’: be careful what you wish for

Rob Hopkins    Jan 16, 2014  &/bsp;

It is a rare occurence that I disagree with David Holmgren.  One of my heroes, and the co-founder of permaculture, I generally find his intellect formidable, his insights on permaculture … >>

Shale gas, peak oil and our future

Richard Heinberg    Jan 12, 2014  &/bsp;

The following interview with Richard Heinberg was originally published in Flemish at the Belgian website De Wereld Morgen. The interview was given in conjunction with the release of the Dutch … >>

Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals Linked to Fracking Found in Colorado River

Sandra Postel    Dec 24, 2013  &/bsp;

  The Colorado River flows through the town of Rifle in Garfield County, Colorado. Photo (taken 1972) by David Hiser, courtesy of U.S. National Archives, Flickr/Creative Commons. This week, … >>