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Bottom Up, Top Down

Richard Heinberg    Jun 20, 2014  &/bsp;

How can we reverse course to avert an unprecedented series of crises that might entail massive human mortality and the more or less permanent crippling of planetary ecosystems? ... >>

Is Transition political?

Rob Hopkins    Jun 9, 2014  &/bsp;

Criticising Transition for being explicitly apolitical, and for not engaging in the political system in the conventional way feels, to me, like criticising a spoon for not being very good at … >>

The Purposely Confusing World of Energy Politics

Richard Heinberg    Feb 11, 2014  &/bsp;

Life often presents us with paradoxes, but seldom so blatant or consequential as the following. Read this sentence slowly: Today it is especially difficult for most people to understand our … >>

Let’s talk about Bushfires, Climate Change and Coal

Paul Gilding    Oct 22, 2013  &/bsp;

It’s easy to understand why there’s widespread support for politicians and others who argue we shouldn’t talk about climate change in the middle of a bushfire emergency. When … >>

Resilient against what?

Daniel Lerch    Oct 16, 2013  &/bsp;

Resilience is often understood simply as the ability to “bounce back” from a single disaster like a hurricane or earthquake. Our new study found that leading US municipalities already have a much more sophisiticated understanding of resilience involving economic, energy, and social challenges—and they're putting it into action through policies, regulations, and programs. ... >>

Post Carbon Institute Goes to Washington

Asher Miller    May 31, 2013  &/bsp;

It may be an exaggeration to say that the nation's capital was built on a swamp, but being there with temperatures hovering at 90°F (32°C) and humidity at nearly 100%, you can see why … >>

Victory at Hand for the Climate Movement?

Paul Gilding    Mar 20, 2013  &/bsp;

There are signs the climate movement could be on the verge of a remarkable and surprising victory.  If we read the current context correctly, and if the movement can adjust its strategy to … >>

President Declares ‘War on Entropy’

Richard Heinberg    Oct 26, 2012  &/bsp;

Enjoy this satirical look at the politics of energy by PCI Senior Fellow Richard Heinberg. CDN News, October 25 (Washington, DC) At a hastily organized news conference, president Obama this … >>

A Bolder Clean Water Act for the Next 40 Years

Sandra Postel    Oct 18, 2012  &/bsp;

The Connecticut River, New England's largest, at Holyoke Dam in Massachusetts during the dry summer of 2012. Thanks to the Clean Water Act, many rivers like the Connecticut … >>

Scapegoat-in-Chief: The Race for the Oval Office

Richard Heinbeg    Oct 17, 2012  &/bsp;

The energy world portrayed in the debates—in which coal is “clean” and oil and gas companies will lead the U.S. to a new era of energy abundance if only they are unleashed or regulated properly—is a stage set carefully crafted by fossil fuel industry PR professionals and political consultants. Once viewers have dutifully mistaken this painted scenery for reality, it’s the actors’ job to raise the audience’s adrenaline levels with taunts and sneers. Meanwhile, outside the theater, the real world is hurtling toward an energy supply crisis for which no one is being prepared, and whose impact will not be blunted by sensible policy. ... >>