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Sustainability vs. Resilience

William Rees    Jul 17, 2014  &/bsp;

This is a response to the article The End of Sustainability. William E. Rees is the co-creator of the Eco-Footprint concept and a Post Carbon Fellow. He authored the The Human Nature of … >>

The Climate-PR Puzzle

Richard Heinberg    Nov 18, 2013  &/bsp;

If we hope to avert climate apocalypse in the decades ahead, we must make fundamental changes to industrial society. ... >>

The Brief, Tragic Reign of Consumerism—and the birth of a happy alternative

Richard Heinberg    Jul 24, 2013  &/bsp;

You and I consume; we are consumers. The global economy is set up to enable us to do what we innately want to do—buy, use, discard, and buy some more. If we do our job well, the economy … >>

Why I’m marking passing 400 ppm by getting back on an aeroplane

Rob Hopkins    May 17, 2013  &/bsp;

In November 2006, I sat at the back of the Barn Cinema, Dartington, and watched ‘An Inconvenient Truth‘. It had such an impact on me that by the time it ended, I had decided that I … >>

How tough is your skin?

Rob Hopkins    Feb 13, 2013  &/bsp;

Monbiot, Mann, McKibben, various Transitioners and others on what to do if your Transition initiative comes under attack... ... >>

IT'S HERE! ENERGY: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth

Tod Brilliant    Nov 27, 2012  &/bsp;

ENERGY offers not only a deep critique of the current system but a hopeful vision for a future energy economy, in which resilience, health, beauty, biodiversity, and durability—not incessant growth—are the organizing principles. ... >>

Scapegoat-in-Chief: The Race for the Oval Office

Richard Heinbeg    Oct 17, 2012  &/bsp;

The energy world portrayed in the debates—in which coal is “clean” and oil and gas companies will lead the U.S. to a new era of energy abundance if only they are unleashed or regulated properly—is a stage set carefully crafted by fossil fuel industry PR professionals and political consultants. Once viewers have dutifully mistaken this painted scenery for reality, it’s the actors’ job to raise the audience’s adrenaline levels with taunts and sneers. Meanwhile, outside the theater, the real world is hurtling toward an energy supply crisis for which no one is being prepared, and whose impact will not be blunted by sensible policy. ... >>

Revolution: J.J. Abrams tells the Inconvenient Truth

Tod Brilliant    Sep 19, 2012  &/bsp;

It’s fifteen years after the Great Blackout. The United States, at the very least, is entirely free of electricity for reasons as yet unknown (but it sure smells like, get this, a conspiracy!)  Humans have left the cities for the countryside to live in communal villages or prey on one another. The good guys sport henleys and hoes. The bad ones also wear henleys, but they ride horses and carry swords. Gun ownership... ... >>

Moral Failing

Daniel Lerch    Jul 16, 2012  &/bsp;

With the national weather maps pinker than a Barbie® SUV, more Americans are grudgingly accepting that climate change is for real, that it's largely caused by humans, and that it's a … >>

The Drowning Pool

James Howard Kunstler    Jul 11, 2012  &/bsp;

News that a swarm of termites deep inside the British banking system have been fiddling the interbank interest rates (LIBOR) for years in order to systematically vacuum a few billion pence off the … >>