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Bill McKibbenPost Carbon Fellow Bill McKibben was interviewed on his response to hurricane Sandy at Time Magazine.

From the article:

Is Sandy an “I told you so” moment for people in your line of work?

No. I wrote the first book for a general audience about climate change almost a quarter century ago. Since then, there have been so many horrible storms, droughts, floods all over the world that I think no one moment kind of stands out. What we’ve seen is the steady confirmation of exactly what scientists told us would happen. This will be the warmest year in American history. It came with the warmest month in American history, July. It featured a statistically almost-impossible summer-in-March heat wave. It brought us a drought so deep that food prices have gone up 40 percent around the world. It brought us this completely unprecedented mega-storm, the biggest storm, as one weatherman put it yesterday, to hit New York since its founding in 1624. And horrible as it is, a hundred years from now Sandy won’t be the event from 2012 that people most remember. I imagine it’ll be the shocking melt of the Arctic this summer.

So why do so many people think that climate change is a myth?

First of all, it’s really only America where’s there’s serious climate denial. And second, [the misconception is] not that deep even among Americans. The latest polling shows something like 74% of Americans think that the planet is warming.

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