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Oberlin Lewis CenterPost Carbon Fellow David Orr was one of the Herores of the Planet mentioned in this article at the Huffington Post.

From the article:

Successes in the greening of business notwithstanding, the profit motive can only take commerce so far in approximating genuine respect for the environment. We need a political revolution that truly holds business accountable to its approach of the natural world, for all its disturbances and toxins and depletions. This must begin with energy, the linchpin of design. Along with myriad visionaries like eco-business writer and entrepreneur Peter Barnes, and eco-education writer and naturalist Richard Louv, ecological writer and Professor David Orr is not just talking the talk. He is spearheading collaborate leadership in Oberlin, Ohio. He writes lucidly about the need for new legal frameworks and constitutional adaptation to account for the rights and liberties of future generations and other non-human life forms. But he is also helping design campuses and cities that are "no impact" campuses and cities! Places like Oberlin College and Oberlin, Ohio are exciting and fascinating places to learn, enjoy community, and experience 21st century designs.

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