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Post Carbon Fellow Bill McKibben was interviewed about his 'Do the Math' tour at Yale Environment 360.

From the interview:

1. Your “Do the Math” college tour represents a frontal assault on the political and economic power of the fossil fuel industry. What led you to embrace this tactic?

It’s actually more than a college tour — we’re mostly going to big cities. Divestment by colleges and churches and cities is a big part of the plan, but we’re also trying, as you say, to simply psych up the environmental movement to go after the fossil fuel industry. It’s the math that persuaded us — the piece I wrote for Rolling Stone [“Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math”], which was confirmed by the International Energy Agency this week. We’ve got to keep 80 percent of [fossil fuel] reserves underground — that’s all there is to it. And to do it, we have to make people understand that this industry is now a rogue industry, the equivalent to the planet's health of the cigarette industry for our individual health. So far so good — nine straight sold-out houses for the first nine shows. I’m backstage right now at the Orpheum in Boston, about to go out and talk to almost 3,000 people. It’s been a long time since the environmental movement rolled like this.

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