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Post Carbon Fellow Bill McKibben writes that student activism is alive and well in this op-ed at the Boston Globe.

From the article:

At least in the climate change movement, where I’ve spent the last decade, young people are the leaders, and they’re doing a powerful job.

They’ve convened huge We Are Power Shift gatherings — not just in the United States, where they’ve drawn 10,000 young organizers at a time, but in many other countries. They’ve convinced more than 700 college presidents to sign a pledge to make their campuses carbon-neutral. And, in just the last few weeks, they’ve launched far more difficult divestment drives on more than 100 campuses. I find myself inspired by young people all over the planet. At the same time, I am disappointed by the failure of older people to exhibit much concern for the planet their kids and grandkids will inhabit.

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