Press Coverage

Post Carbon Advisor Richard Gilbert's questioning of growth assumptions behind expansion plans for Hamilton airport were covered in this article at View Magazine.

From the article:

Projections for growth at Hamilton’s airport are “highly questionable” and can’t provide a reasonable basis for the aerotropolis plans says a witness appearing at the Ontario Municipal Board hearings this week on the aerotropolis. And while the president of the private operator of the airport disagrees, a witness for the city says the airport is actually not the reason for planned location of a massive industrial zone all around it.

The challenge to the airport forecasts comes from author and consultant Richard Gilbert who is representing two citizen groups opposed to the aerotropolis. He previously prepared a city–commissioned report on the implications of peak oil for Hamilton’s future.

Gilbert points to a market analysis being used by the city used to justify the aerotropolis that projects 9.4 million passengers a year by 2030. He points out that even the airport master plan prepared in 2011 calls for less than 1.5 million passengers by 2027 and its 2004 plans only anticipated 4.785 million in 2027.

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