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PCI Fellow David Hughes' was quoted up in this post on 'the truth about shale gas'.

From the post:

After years of reporting and writing about the oil, gas and power generation markets, I’ve learned that long-term forecasts on pricing and supply almost never come to pass. Predicting the price of oil or gas is like playing golf on a putting green covered in ice. Your line could be perfectly straight, but you'll miss the target most of the time.

Canadian researcher David Hughes is another skeptic who believes the oil and gas industry has grossly overstated the potential of shale gas reserves. Speaking to attendees at COAL-GEN 2012, Hughes said meeting the EIA’s projections for gas production will be very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.

“Almost all of the eggs are in the shale gas basket as a hope of meeting supply growth projections for gas,” Hughes said. “There are very significant geological, environmental and economic challenges in continuing to grow shale gas supplies. I expect significantly higher gas prices going forward over the short to medium term.”

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Image credit: skytruth/flickr