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Solardrip womanPost Carbon Fellow Sandra Postel was a contributor to a project on small-scale irrigation and geophysical mapping, as reported here in Stanford University News.

From the article:

Rural farmers in sub-Saharan Africa live under risky conditions. Many grow low-value cereal crops that depend on a short rainy season, a practice that traps them in poverty and hunger.

But reliable access to water could change the farmers' perilous situation. Stanford scientists are calling for investments in small-scale irrigation projects and hydrologic mapping to help buffer the growers from the erratic weather and poor crop yields that are expected to worsen with climate change in the region...

Rosamond Naylor, director of Stanford's Center on Food Security and the Environment, and Sandra Postel of the Global Water Policy Project were collaborators on the project.

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Image credit: Jennifer Burney / Stanford University