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Colorado deltaPost Carbon Fellow Sandra Postel's op-ed on the Colorado river was published in the LA Times.

From the article:

Today, the Colorado delta is a shadow of its former self. Once one of the planet's most vital aquatic ecosystems, it is now one of the most threatened. A low-altitude flight over the region reveals a desiccated landscape of salt flats and cracked earth. There is little sign of a living river because the river is gone; in all but the wettest years, it disappears into the desert sands a short distance south of the border.

The decisions that led to the delta's decline date, ironically, to 1922, the same year Leopold canoed through the marshy wilderness. In late November of that year, then-Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover traveled to Bishop's Lodge outside of Santa Fe, N.M., to broker an agreement divvying up the liquid lifeline of the Southwest.

All seven U.S. states in the basin were represented, but two voices were missing. One was that of Mexico. The other was the river itself.

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