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Bill McKibbenDear friends,

You might have noticed we’ve been a bit quiet with emails of late, but off email our movement is anything but quiet -- and things are about to get a whole lot louder. So much so, that I wanted to send along a video to explain what’s in the works.

Most of you have likely heard the outcome of the US election by now. But what you might not have heard is that on the day after the election, we launched a 21 city “Do the Math” tour to jumpstart the next phase of the climate movement in the US. As Hurricane Sandy so frighteningly showed us, no matter who is President, they need to face the realities of a changing climate and take urgent action now.
But the US can’t solve this crisis alone, even if it’s leaders rise to the occasion. We need a bigger, stronger movement everywhere. Next week, I’m going to write again to explain our biggest global plan for the year ahead -- or you can watch the video here to get a bit of an advanced preview.
This week, I want to just highlight two of the countless extraordinary efforts our 350 network is waging across the globe:

1. India Beyond Coal: On November 10th, our friends in India are mounting a national day of action to push the debate on development away from “how much coal can we burn” to “what energy can sustain a healthy and prosperous India.” Dozens of events are planned across 25 Indian states. Click here to get the full update and share the news online.
2. The Arab Youth Climate Movement: This Saturday, as India is moving beyond coal, the newly launched Arab Youth Climate Movement is staging actions all across the Arab world -- from Morocco to Lebanon, Libya to Oman. Altogether, they'll be spreading the message that -- heading into the next UN climate meeting happening in Qatar this November and December -- Arab countries need to address the realities of climate change and take a leadership role in tackling the crisis. Help spread the word here.

I could go on and on sharing updates from around the world. We’ll have plenty more news to share in the weeks and months ahead -- including some more ways to get everyone involved, regardless of where you live. For today, watch this short video I recorded and share the news of these important efforts with your networks:

More to come soon. Onwards,

Bill and the team

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