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PCI's fellows and staff have once again been looking into, behind and ahead of the news to provide you with commentary and insight on the issues in these challenging times. Here is just a small selection, to read many more see our publications page. 

WEO chart The IEA’s New Peak
Post by Tom Whipple
For two weeks now the peak oil portion of cyberspace has been abuzz with commentary on the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) newly released World Energy Outlook 2010. Without missing a beat and without much explanation, the world’s leading compiler of everything about energy has gone from denying that conventional oil production will peak in our lifetime to saying it happened four years ago... Read more
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Tram Infrastructural Ecologies: Principles for Post-Industrial Public Works
Post by Hillary Brown
Economic localization offers the key to solving a growing number of global problems, including peak oil, climate disruption, and financial meltdowns. Yet the perception remains that this solution is very costly... Read more
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Change ahead sign The End of Growth
Post by Richard Heinberg
The economic crisis that began in 2007-2008 was both foreseeable and inevitable, and it marks a permanent, fundamental break from past decades—a period during which most economists adopted the unrealistic view that perpetual economic growth is necessary and also possible to achieve... Read more
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Oil leak 9 Global Experts Steer the Gulf Oil Spill Conversation into Fresh Waters
Post by Erika Allen, Tom Whipple, Bill Ryerson, Stephanie Mills, Warren Karlenzig, Zenobia Barlow, David Fridley, Gloria Flora, David Hughes
In an effort to broaden the conversation about the horrific Gulf Coast oil spill, nine Fellows of the Post Carbon Institute offer their perspectives on largely underreported aspects and outcomes of the disaster... Read more
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Candide Navigating between the best of all possible worlds
Post by Asher Miller
Maybe his time as editor of Skeptic magazine has taught Michael Shermer how to spin a yarn of complete and utter nonsense. That's the only explanation I can come up with for the Panglossian drivel he published in the Los Angeles Times last weekend... Read more
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