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Many of you have asked us for a presentation that you can deliver IN PERSON to friends, neighbors and local groups—one that helps people understand the oil journey we've been on and where we're headed in a way that overcomes the usual responses of denial, anger, or apathy.

In the video below, PCI's Executive Director, Asher Miller, narrates a sample of what will be the 'Shared Future' presentation. What you see is a short introduction, with 'placeholder vocals' but it's enough to give you a great idea of the visual storytelling style we'll be employing. 

This is not meant to be shared as a video, but rather as part of a live "Power Point" style presentation... but this gives an idea.

We're halfway to our fundraising goal! Visit the CAMPAIGN PAGE.

With your help (share our campaign, share this video if you please) and generosity, we'll get there. We are looking forward to working with many of you to take this presentation into many communities, where we'll work together to build awareness and RESILIENCE! Read the full script and learn how you can be involved here: Indie GoGo Campaign Page

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