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“Peak Oil Demand” = Peak Oil

Richard Heinberg Sep 20, 2013   

A new phrase has entered our energy lexicon—peak oil demand. The essential idea: prophets of doom who warned about a looming global petroleum shortfall (“peak oil”) were wrong ... >>

Why I’m marking passing 400 ppm by getting back on an aeroplane

Rob Hopkins May 17, 2013   

In November 2006, I sat at the back of the Barn Cinema, Dartington, and watched ‘An Inconvenient Truth‘. It had such an impact on me that by the time it ended, I had decided that I … >>

Urban Parklets: The New Front Stoop

Warren Karlenzig Sep 15, 2011   

San Francisco's parklets (left, from top to bottom: #1, Valencia Street, #2 and #3 Divisadero, and #4, Castro and 17th, bottom) are a vibrant testimony to the city's Pavement to Parks … >>

What's an Ecocity and Why Should We Care?

Warren Karlenzig Aug 16, 2011   

"Ecocity" is a popular designation for dozens of global urban centers. Indeed the 9th Ecocity World Summit next week in Montreal, Canada will be packed with city officials, … >>

Global Green Cities Preview

Warren Karlenzig Jan 26, 2011   

From Singapore's high tech congestion management system to New York's PlaNYC 2030 to Yokohama's zero-carbon emissions goal, the future greening of cities is becoming our global "Plan A" … >>

Mia Birk joins PCI as adviser

Asher Miller Nov 11, 2010   

Over ten million Americans consider themselves active bicyclists. Another 45 million ride bikes recreationally. Together, that’s a whole lot of folks who directly demonstrate the viability … >>


Richard Heinberg Nov 8, 2010   

Fossil fuels have powered human growth and ingenuity for centuries. Now that we're reaching the end of cheap and abundant oil and coal supplies, we're in for an exciting ride. While there's a real … >>

India cuts gas subsidy in favor of greener investments?

Warren Karlenzig Jul 9, 2010   

Dehli Metro, Phase OneIs India trying to turn a corner toward more sustainable economic development with its recent reduction in fossil fuel subsidies?India's decision to completely cut gasoline … >>

A government says NO to airport expansion

Anthony Perl Jul 2, 2010   

The British government's recent decision to cancel construction of a third runway at London's Heathrow airport marks a major milestone in our adaptation to post-carbon mobility.  This is the … >>

Redesigning Civilization after the Stress Tests

Warren Karlenzig Jun 28, 2010   3 comments

The BP oil gusher should remind us that our civilization relies on unseen, not very well understood forces, especially energy and the environment, for our day-to-day economies. Our institutions … >>