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Groundwater Depletion in Colorado River Basin Poses Big Risk to Water Security

Sandra Postel Aug 5, 2014   

Let’s step back for a minute and consider the implications of the study released last week on the depletion of groundwater in the Colorado River Basin. ... >>

Recent Loss of Freshwater Wetlands Worldwide Valued at $2.7 Trillion per Year

Sandra Postel Jun 25, 2014   

The question of whether to drain a wetland to make way for a shopping mall or a cornfield, or to instead leave the wetland intact, often seems like a no-brainer: the “development” options have a clear dollar value, but the wetlands themselves do not. ... >>

Gila River Diversion Would Be a Costly Failure

Sandra Postel May 15, 2014   

As the December deadline approaches for New Mexico to decide whether or not it will proceed with a controversial diversion of the Gila River, a former director of the state’s Interstate … >>

A Favorite Massachusetts Stream Loses a Dam – and Gains Aquatic Habitat

Sandra Postel Mar 11, 2014   

In early January, on a visit back to my old stomping grounds in western Massachusetts, I trekked along the snowy banks of Amethyst Brook, a beautiful headwater tributary in the Connecticut River watershed. ... >>

West Virginia’s Elk River Chemical Spill and How We Measure Progress

Sandra Postel Jan 29, 2014   

It’s a cruel irony for the 300,000 West Virginians forced to turn off their taps for five to ten days earlier this month after a chemical spill contaminated their drinking water … >>

Ecological Artist Basia Irland and Her “Ice Books” Engage Communities and Restore Rivers

Sandra Postel Jan 17, 2014   

  Engrossed: A young girl “reads” ice-book text comprised of Fremont cottonwood seed (Populus fremontii) beside the Rio Grande in Albuquerque, New Mexico.   Basia … >>

Scientists Plan for Grand Experiment in the Colorado River Delta

Sandra Postel Dec 19, 2013   

  The dry Colorado River Delta against the Cucapá Mountains. Photo by Erik Rochner/National Geographic   Once written off as dying of thirst and beyond revival, … >>

A Red List for Ecosystems: Will it Aid Conservation?

Sandra Postel Jul 12, 2013   

The Aral Sea in Central Asia, in 1989 (L) and 2008 (R). Images courtesy of NASA.   The most devastated ecosystem I’ve ever seen is the Aral Sea in Central Asia.   … >>

Water – and Us – in the “Anthropocene”

Sandra Postel Jun 7, 2013   

In late May, 500 scientists from around the world gathered in Bonn, Germany, to converse about the global dimensions of water in the so-called Anthropocene ... >>

Tar Sands Is Worse Than You Can Imagine: Incredible Images You Have to See

Leslie Moyer Apr 19, 2013   

The mining of the Alberta tar sands is the biggest industrial project on earth and quite possibly the world's most environmentally destructive. ... >>