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Practicing Law in the Sharing Economy: Helping People Build Cooperatives, Social Enterprise, and Local Sustainable Economies

Janelle Orsi   August 2012

To most law students and lawyers, practicing transactional law isn't an obvious path to saving the world. But as the world's economic and ecological meltdowns demand that we redesign our …
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The Transition Companion

Rob Hopkins   October 2011

The Transition Companion draws on over three years’ experience of the worldwide Transition movement and gives a new, easily accessible approach to creating change.  It …
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Eco Amazons

Majora Carter   May 2011

It’s a fact: individuals have the power to change the world. And in an age of rampant environmental devastation, nothing is as vital as saving our planet and the health of its …
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The Sharing Solution

Janelle Orsi   May 2009

By Emily Doskow and Janelle Orsi

You may be motivated and committed to creating a more sustainable lifestyle in your community, but where do you start? And how can you …
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Saving the Planet

Sandra Postel   1991

The authors of the highly acclaimed State of the World series elaborate upon their vision of a global economy that does not destroy its own natural support systems. Authoritative yet extremely …
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