In Service of the Wild

Stephanie Mills


In Service of the Wild is about restoring the Earth, ecosystem by ecosystem, watershed by watershed. It is about regaining a sense of how beautiful, how stable, how hospitable to an abundance of life forms and human cultures healthy ecosystems can be. "Although matters have been improving somewhat in recent years, industrial agriculture has historically damaged the land. Stephanie Mills, one of the leading proponents of the bioregional movement, a place-based environmental consciousness that has grown from a nice idea of the '60s into a powerful ethic, tackles a hard question head-on: How do we reconcile economic growth with conserving, or better, preserving wild places?

In this book marked by good writing and good thinking, Mills proposes a program for restoring the land's poor cousins--overlogged forests and played-out fields, wildcat dumps and silted-up rivers--to something of their former health."

--from review       

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