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Seasons change but, unfortunately, some things never change. Last December, in Copenhagen, world leaders failed to take bold action to address the climate crisis. And just last week, even after the worst environmental disaster in our nation's history, US Congressional leaders did the same. These failures of national and international leadership made it abundantly clear, that at least for the foreseeable future, leadership is going to have to come one house, one neighborhood, one city, and one state at a time.

This month's newsletter features the release of three new chapters from The Post Carbon Reader, including one on personal preparedness by Fellow Chris Martenson. We also feature a darkly satirical piece by Senior Fellow Richard Heinberg describing five ways you can profit BIG from global collapse.

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transition US update

A monthly update from the US regional hub of the international Transition movement.

TransitionSFAs the story of Transition in the US unfolds (74 official Transition Initiatives!) so does the journey of Transition US.  We continue to be busy providing opportunities to come together virtually through webinars, conference calls, list servs, trainings, all exploring areas from organizing in big cities to nurturing the heart and soul of Transition. We are constantly inspired by all of the wonderful projects that Transition Initiatives across the country are spearheading. The Richmond Rivets and Transition Albany in California created a lovely video on celebrating our interdepence in lieu of the July 4th holiday - watch it here. For more stories, resources and events, read the July Newsletter.
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Image credit: Obama 2020 image — tcktcktck/Greenpeace
Image credit: 50 Year Farm Bill — Scott Bontz/The Land Institute
Image credit: Wessex Archaeology — flickr
Image credit: TransitionSF Bike Tour, 18th and Rhode Island Permaculture Garden, California Sarah Roggero/flickr

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