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It's newsletter time. And that means we have to stop and make a quick assessment of what we need to share with our supporters. With 29 Fellows devoting their lives to crafting a resilient future, and so many moving targets, there's often way too much to try to distill in a pithy introductory paragraph. So this month, we decided we'd simply share a few of the things for which we're grateful:

  • For you, our supporters: It can be very tough, emotionally and physically, to fight every day for a more resilient and equitable world. The challenge is absolutely enormous. Your support, ideas and actions inspire us and keep our spirits high. THANKS. Please keep battling, as your fight is our fight.
  • This amazing planet: We've abused it beyond belief, but our Earth continues to turn the other cheek and provide sustenance, shelter and beauty. For how much longer is, of course, The Question.
  • All the other NGOs, non profits, businesses and activists who are working alongside PCI to raise awareness that we are OUT OF TIME. Not for a moment do we think we're the only boat in the water. In sharing resources and ideas with our Friends and Allies, we're part of a much larger movement that WILL succeed at both the grassroots and policy levels.
Of course, we're grateful for much more, and our list of frustrations would clog the entire inter-tubes. If you have a moment, do take a look at what we've been up to during these past 30 days. We hope you'll find something that will inspire you to remain an active participant in the battle for the future.

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We Did It!
Just this week we sent The Post Carbon Reader to the printers! This project would simply have not been possible without the support of the entire Post Carbon Community, including all of you who have contributed your ideas, your passion, and your financial support to PCI.

A collaborative effort of 35 leading experts, The Post Carbon Reader provides clarity about the interrelated crises of the 21st Century and insightful guidance on the way forward. You helped create The Post Carbon Reader, and you can help bring it to schools, policymakers, communities, and journalists. Your support of Post Carbon Institute helps move all of us towards a more resilient, sustainable, and equitable future.

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transition US update

A monthly update from the US regional hub of the international Transition movement.

Transition OKCWhile the Transition model is being used in communities of all shapes and sizes, rural and urban, it takes a slightly different form each time, adapted to the settings of that particular locale. In larger urban areas, and given the dense and resource intensive aspects of cities, organizers are thinking hard about how best to develop resilient local communities across a diverse geographic space. Host Tamara Banks of Colorado Public Television Studio 12 takes a look at the Transition Cities movement that is "working for a way of life that is environmentally friendly, supports the local economy and conserves natural resources."  Watch it here

Coming up on September 16th, organizers in northwest US and nearby Canadian provinces will converge at a one-day Northwest/Cascadian Transition Summit in Seattle to inspire, support and educate each other. This will be the first bio-regional Transition gathering in North America (more info). For more stories, resources and events, read the August Newsletter.
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Image credit: 10-10-10 — osde8info/flickr
Image credit: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box, Camarillo, California — Rahul Goswami
Image credit: Denver Civic garden — Scott Goodman
Image credit: Transition OKC Permablitz event Christine Patton/flickr

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