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It's Almost Here! The Post Carbon Reader, our most important book to date will be released on 10/10/10.

The Post Carbon Reader By the Numbers

It took a village (including you!) to write the Post Carbon Reader, and it will take an even bigger community to ensure the message gets heard.

The Post Carbon Reader represents:
  • 39 lifetimes of learning, which the authors poured into 34 chapters and 552 pages.
  • A year's worth of thinking, planning, collaborating, writing, and editing.
  • A month's worth of waiting anxiously each day for the books to arrive.
  • Hundreds of generous contributions from PCI supporters like you!
And now that the Post Carbon Reader is here, let's make sure the message gets heard (and read):
  • Order a copy for yourself, your friends, and your family. Give them as gifts!
  • Link to the Post Carbon Reader on Facebook, Ning, or other social sharing tool.
  • Download copies of relevant chapters to share with policymakers, opinion leaders, business owners…anyone who needs to hear a specific message.
  • Support Post Carbon Institute's efforts to get this compelling information heard, understood, and acted upon.
Thank you!

the post carbon reader

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