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It's been a riveting, unnerving month. One that shows, once again, the deep fragility of our political and economic structures. If there's a silver lining, it is that the events in the Middle East and Wisconsin illustrate how swiftly individuals and whole communities can respond to crises and make wide-sweeping changes.

But to respond appropriately we must first understand that all of these issues and events are connected -- rising food and oil prices across the globe, population demographics, geopolitical instability, and the struggle of local, state, and federal governments to both stimulate the economy and curb runaway debts.

This, from PCI Senior Fellow Richard Heinberg:

"As oil prices reach $100 a barrel for the first time since 2008, many people are wondering whether 2011 will see a replay of crashing car sales, nose-diving airlines, and fuel-starved farmers. Food prices—which these days move almost in lockstep with oil prices—are already at frightening levels, leading Lester Brown of Earth Policy Institute to warn of “The Great Food Crisis of 2011".

But there are differences, now versus then..." read the rest...

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new pci adviser

the end of growth

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transition US update

A monthly update from the US regional hub of the international Transition movement.

Seed swap 350 Home & Garden Challenge is in full swing! We're calling on neighbourhoods and communities across the country to take up one of the four challenge areas: Food, Water, Energy and Community. We'll be holding conference calls and online training events and we invite anyone interested to sign up as a Communty Organizer.

This month we welcome our 80th official Transition InitiativeTransition Traverse City, Michigan. Check out our February roundup of what's happening in the world of Transition and our first story in a series on Transition Youth in Action! Browse the map to find an initiative near you.
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Image credit: Tunisia riot & Egypt riots — Flickr/nassernouri
Image credit: Sanjay Khanna by Mark Cohene Image credit: Sad earth sculpture — Flickr/JohnLeGear
Image credit: Goldilocks — Flickr/Darren Wren
Image credit: Storm system by NASA
Image credit: Oakland cookery class by People's Grocery
Image credit: 1st Annual Spring Seed and Recipe Swap, February 2011 by Debbie Simpson: Transition San Fernando Valley Time Exchange

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