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Leave it to the bombing campaign in Libya to remind us that the ongoing horror in Japan isn't the only thing to lose sleep over. Japan and the North Africa/Middle East region are each about five thousand miles away from us here in the US, in opposite directions, but we've got one eye glued on each these days. And with damned good reason.

Here are five lessons we've (re)learned in recent weeks

In other Institute news:...

we won!

PCI wins YouTube DoGooder nonprofit video award.

With all that's happening in Japan, Libya, and elsewhere, it feels strange to celebrate. But we want to thank all our supporters who, through their votes and spreading the word, helped PCI win the YouTube DoGooder nonprofit video award.

videoThousands of organizations participated and four were awarded the top prize. For this we are grateful and proud.

In our work, spreading the word can be incredibly difficult. Winning the award meant that 300 Years of Fossil Fuels was featured prominently on the front page of YouTube for a day. Consider that YouTube receives hundreds of millions of visitors daily and you can see why we consider this a real opportunity to get our message out. Thus far, the video has been viewed more than 800,000 times!

But now one our supporters has put out an even bigger challenge: To get Senior Fellow Richard Heinberg on The Daily Show with John Stewart, to talk about The End of Growth. The show takes suggestions on their website. So if you are a Facebook user and want Richard to be heard by millions of television viewers, please add your voice here. (Log in to your facebook account in the top right corner of the page.)
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the end of growth

the post carbon reader

latest publications

energy bulletin highlights

transition US update

A monthly update from the US regional hub of the international Transition movement.

Tree planting Transition US is excited to be supporting the growing number of communities taking on the 350 Home & Garden Challenge. On May 14th and 15th, folks from all over the US (and beyond) will be taking action in one or more areas: growing food, conserving water, saving energy and/or building community. The actions people are taking range from planting a fruit tree or switching to compact florescent light bulbs, to organizing 20 volunteers to create a school garden or installing an array of solar panels at city hall. The important thing is that we all stand up and be counted. Visit to learn more, sign up as a community organizer, and/or register your action. We are also looking to expand our growing list of media sponsors which includes and of course Post Carbon Institute.
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Image credit: Tugboat in street — US Pacific Fleet/Flickr
Image credit: Ducks — SOLID Motivational Posters/Derick Bailey
Image credit: Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant in Middleton, Pennsylvania — Chris Hamilton.
Image credit: Japan earthquake cyclist — Reuters
Image credit: Water Droplet — chaim zvi/Flickr
Image credit: Shinto shrine — timtak/Flickr
Image credit: Share a car — London Permaculture
Image credit: Oakland cookery class by People's Grocery

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