Post Carbon Newsletter - October 2008

Post Carbon Newsletter - October 2008


Here in the US, election fever is in full swing. The process of deciding on the next leader of the nation has an added poignancy in these difficult times of financial crisis. The right to elect our political leaders and representatives is an important one and something which we should not take for granted, but does democracy end there?

The theme of this month’s newsletter is ‘democracy’. Shelby Tay describes how Relocalization groups are engaging in events to influence policy in their local areas. Daniel Lerch from Post Carbon Cities discusses the relationship between citizens and their representatives that is necessary in order to allow for the major changes needed to respond to peak oil and climate change. Two articles from Energy Bulletin explore different aspects of democracy, challenges to it and how to keep it alive.

Also this month, Julian Darley shows how the California Proposition 10 ballot initiative is one of the biggest 'boone'doggles of them all; and in Delay and Fail, Richard Heinberg exposes the myth of clean coal.

Finally, take the chance to catch up with highlights from our Commentaries, 2008 M. K. Hubbert Award winning Global Public Media, our upcoming events and an important Post Carbon Institute update.


1. Julian Darley

2. Richard Heinberg

3. Commentary Highlights

4. Post Carbon Cities

5. Democracy in Action

6. Global Public Media

7. Energy Bulletin

8. Events

9. Post Carbon Institute Announces New Executive Director, Senior Fellows


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