Post Carbon Newsletter - November 2008

Post Carbon Newsletter - November 2008

After the historic election here in the US, Barack Obama promised to lead the American people on a path to change. As the President-elect prepares to deliver on this promise, Post Carbon Senior Fellows Julian Darley and Richard Heinberg examine some of his upcoming challenges related to energy and the environment.

In the meantime, winter is fast approaching and households across the continent are beginning to turn on the heat. Rising energy costs are already having an impact on people's lives. What will the winter bring? Laurel Hoyt from Post Carbon Cities discusses the need for new responses to these challenges, while offers some initial ideas for groups and individuals. The imperative to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels also requires us to think differently about the way in which we heat our homes. Three articles from Energy Bulletin take up this theme.

Finally, take the chance to catch up with highlights from our Commentaries, Global Public Media, and our upcoming Events.

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