Post Carbon Newsletter - February 2009

Foreclosure signAs the US economic stimulus package finally leaves the starting gate, both the Obama Administration and the media are speaking more openly about a stark reality: the global economic crisis is deep, severe, and will last more than a few years.

This month's featured articles dig in to the depths of the crisis, starting with Post Carbon Senior Fellow Richard Heinberg on the always-difficult subject of population. Program Director Daniel Lerch discusses the significance of last summer's record oil price and record stock market plunge. Heinberg and Matt Savinar then explore the crisis in greater detail in an hour-long radio interview.

Next there's an update from Transition United States, the new US arm of the international Transition Towns movement and a Post Carbon Institute partner.

From our sister site Energy Bulletin we highlight three articles on the challenges we face in both understanding and confronting the global economic crisis. Kurt Cobb suggests our modern lifestyles have not adapted us to deal well with long term societal challenges. Dmitry Orlov applies first-hand lessons from the collapse of the Soviet Union to the teetering American economy. And John Michael Greer continues his exploration of "the ecology of social change."

And finally, we list a set of new features from Global Public Media. First, there's the second installment of a Richard Heinberg Museletter on energy limits to growth and the path to sustainability. Then "Reality Report" host Jason Bradford interviews Matthew Stein, author of When Technology Fails. Transition US co-founder Jennifer Gray is interviewed by "Peak Moment" host Janaia Donaldson about how this dynamic initiative got started and where she sees it going. And finally, "Crop to Cuisine" host Dov Hirsch talks about one local resource that doesn't seem to be anywhere close to peaking: beer.

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