Post Carbon Newsletter - August 2009

New York TimesThis month the media both delighted and infuriated us in equal measure. On one side, Fellow Bill McKibben was interviewed on the Colbert Report. The interview is classic Colbert, with McKibben holding his own on the big stage while delivering the urgency of his mission at On the flip side, the New York Times published what we consider to be a shockingly irresponsible op-ed by Michael Lynch, one that attacked Peak Oil as a "waste of energy" and joining a caucus of boos, Fellow Chris Martenson wrote a rebuttal that shows how this piece--filled with inaccuracies and disinformation--was a last gasp attempt to deny the reality of peak oil.

Did you get the memo? Our Senior Fellow, Richard Heinberg is starting his next book about how individuals and communities can build resilience in the face of economic collapse, peak oil, climate change and other crises. Richard wants to hear your stories; the stories of what individuals, families and communities are doing to transition to a post-carbon world. Please contact us with your stories. To those of you who already have, thank you so very much! We're reading through each and every one and will begin the process of getting back in touch with you shortly.

The second half of 2009 may well be the busiest and most exciting in the history of the Post Carbon Institute. Be sure to read about these changes, updates and events, not the least of which is an introduction to our two newest Fellows.

And as usual, in this month's newsletter we summarize the most thought-provoking content from Energy Bulletin, plus updates from Transition US.
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1. New Post Carbon video — Inconvenient Truth on Clean Coal

Blackout videoAugust saw the release of our brand new video the Inconvenient Truth on Clean Coal. The video summarises the key message of Richard Heinberg's latest book Blackout: Coal, Climate, and the Last Energy Crisis. The book has continued to receive press this month with interviews on Iowa and Santa Fe public radio, as well as on Clean Skies News. You can support Post Carbon by embedding or linking to the video on your Facebook, blog, or website, or by sharing it with your friends. Thanks for your support!
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2. New Fellows

3. Latest Commentaries and Articles

4. Fellows in the Media
Clean skies logo Heinberg interviewed on Clean Skies News
Post Carbon Senior Fellow Richard Heinberg was interviewed on the Clean Skies Energy & Environment Network. The interview explored Richard's latest book Blackout: Coal, Climate & the Last Energy Crisis... Read more
Colbert Report logo McKibben on The Colbert Report
Post Carbon Fellow Bill McKibben guested on the Colbert Report. Bill was there to publicize his campaign. He stated that "We're not going to stop global warming. Damage will be done, but we can keep it from getting entirely out of control."... Read more
Sandra Postel head shot Postel quoted in Science Magazine
Post Carbon Fellow Sandra Postel was quoted in this article in Science Magazine about irrigation practices and ground water depletion in India... Read more
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5. Energy Bulletin highlights

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