Post Carbon Newsletter April 2009

Image of Suburban RooftopsThe drop in housing prices wasn't quite as steep this month as previously. The price of oil has been pretty stable compared to last year's rollercoaster ride. It's tempting to think that things are starting to return to normal...

But what exactly is "normal," anyway? What should be normal? Senior Fellow Richard Heinberg leads off this month's commentaries with his reflections on the ever-evolving economic crisis and the choice we have to look backwards or forwards. Executive Director Asher Miller also weighs in on the perspectives we hold and the struggle to maintain hope against a worrying future.

We're particularly pleased this month to feature an article by new Post Carbon Fellow Gloria Flora. Gloria mounts an impassioned defense of biochar, a soil amendment with the potential to revolutionize soil management, biomass waste, and carbon sequestration.

Also this month the Transition Towns movement garners an impressive blast of national media coverage. And as usual we highlight some of the most interesting articles from Energy Bulletin and Global Public Media. There's even a surprise announcement of a big Spring Sale at the Post Carbon Bookstore — up to 65% off some of our top-selling books!

But to start off, we're pleased to announce further additions to our team of Fellows. Read on...

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