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The big news in our world this month was, of course, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change that took place in Copenhagen. PCI’s live blog from Copenhagen captured our anger and disappointment as the US and other major industrialized nations failed to take any meaningful action to address the climate crisis. PCI Fellow Bill McKibben views the convention as a disaster, writing "the ice caps won't be the only things we lose with this deal."

Despite this, we find ourselves actually invigorated now that it’s become clear to many that we mustn’t depend on elected officials to do the heavy lifting for us. We’re going to have to do it ourselves. How? Another of our Fellows, Rob Hopkins, throws out an intriguing idea. He asks "What if They Held a Climate Summit and Nobody Came?". Rob promotes the notion of “show don’t go,” by urging us to spend our efforts over the next year visualizing and modeling a world that emits 90% less carbon, rather than gearing up for the next convention in Mexico City. This is a great idea as the need for replicable, aspirational models of sustainable, resilient communities has never been greater.

As 2009 comes to an end, the stakes couldn’t be clearer. Or our focus. Join us in 2010 for a year of real change.

Happy holidays.
Asher Miller
Executive Director

pci copenhagen diary

The Top 10, 5, and 1 of 2009

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          10 things to inspire you 5 things to fire you up 1 thing you can do    

So many "best of" lists, so little time. But here’s one list that will leave you wanting more: more positive change, more sustainability, more resilience, more equity. More of what Post Carbon Institute and our 28 Fellows worked for every day of 2009—and will work for in 2010, with your help.

Here’s a reminder of what PCI brought you this year...Read more

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transition US update

A monthly update from the US regional hub of the international Transition Towns movement.

Transition 350This month we've been inspired by the communities across the country and around the world who have come together to take action on climate change. From Copenhagen to the streets of their neighborhoods, read some of their stories of how climate change is being addressed at the community level. We also welcome four official Transition Initiatives bringing the total to 53 in 22 states in the US! Another significant milepost reached this month is 1,000, marking the number of people who have completed the 2-day Training for Transition in this country.

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