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Greg Pahl is the author of the Post Carbon Insititute Community Resilience Guide Power from the People and five books on sustainable living, and has written hundreds of articles and commentaries on sustainable living issues, wind power, solar energy, water power, geothermal energy, biomass, biodiesel, electric cars, "green" appliances, home building materials, and sustainable forestry management in publications such as The Vermont Times, Vermont Magazine, Champlain Business Journal, Vermont History, Middlebury College Magazine, and Mother Earth News.

Greg has had a long-time interest in environmental issues in general, and renewable energy in particular. He lived for a number of years "off the grid" in a wood-heated home powered by a wind turbine atop an 80-foot steel tower. Greg lives in Weybridge, Vermont with his wife Joy. For a number of years they heated their home with a biodiesel fuel blend, and more recently with wood pellets. They also have installed a solar domestic hot water system on their garage roof and they drive a hybrid-electric car.


Power Play: Creating Local, Sustainable Power Sources

length: 46:29   credit: Vermont Editiondownload   Oct 15, 2012

Forget massive, centralized power production - writer Greg Pahl says communities can plan and finance their own local energy sources. Pahl is the author of the new book, Power From The People: How to Organize, Finance, and Launch Local Energy Projects. We talk with the Vermont energy expert about the examples in his new book of decentralized, sustainable, local energy production.

Originally aired 9/9/2012

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