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Philip Ackerman-Leist, author of Rebuilding the Foodshed: How to Create Local, Sustainable, and Secure Food Systems (forthcoming 2013) and Up Tunket Road: The Education of Modern Homesteader (2009), is a professor at Green Mountain College. There he established the farm and sustainable agriculture curriculum,  is director of the Green Mountain College Farm & Food Project and also founded and directs a Masters in Sustainable Food Systems (MSFS) — the nation's first online graduate program in food systems, featuring applied comparative research of students' home bioregions.

He and his wife, Erin, farmed in the South Tirol region of the Alps and North Carolina before beginning their sixteen-year homesteading and farming venture in Pawlet, Vermont. With more than two decades of "field experience" working on farms, in the classroom, and with regional food systems collaborators, Philip's work is focused on examining and reshaping local and regional food systems from the ground up.


Locus Focus: Rebuilding the foodshed - a conversation with Phillip Ackerman-Leist

length:   credit: KBOOdownload   May 08, 2013

We live at a time of transition: when factory-farmed food from the other side of the world crosses paths with organics raised at a local CSA (community-supported agriculture). The question many ask is: which direction leads us to a more sustainable and just food future? On this episode of Locus Focus we talk with farmer and college professor Phillip Ackerman-Leist, author of Rebuilding the Foodshed. Our discussion will challenge both “locavores” in their contention that everything local—because it is local—is best, as well as those who hold that only huge, global systems can deliver food sufficient to feed our hungry planet.

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