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Paul Gilding has spent 35 years trying to change the world, doing everything he can think of that might help. He’s served in the Australian military, chased nuclear armed aircraft carriers in small inflatable boats, plugged up industrial waste discharge pipes, been global CEO of Greenpeace, taught at Cambridge University, started two successful companies and advised the CEOs of some the world’s largest companies.  

Despite the clear lack of progress on the issues he’s focused on, the unstoppable and flexible optimist is now an author and advocate, writing his widely acclaimed book “The Great Disruption” which prompted Tom Freidman to write in the NYT “Ignore Gilding at your peril”. He now travels the world alerting people to the global economic and ecological crisis now unfolding around us, as the world economy reaches and passes the limits to growth.
He is confident we can get through what’s coming and in fact thinks we will rise to the occasion, with change on a scale and at a speed incomprehensible today. He tells us to get prepared for The Great Disruption and “the end of shopping”, as we reinvent the global economy and our model of social progress.
He lives on a farm in southern Tasmania with his wife, where they grow blueberries and raise chickens, sheep and their children.

His blog, The Cockatoo Chronicles, can be found at


Paul Gilding: Curbing Consumption: Forging a New Economic Model

length: 1:06:24   credit: World Affairs Council   Oct 11, 2012

Post Carbon Fellow Paul Gilding and author of The Great Disruption is an independent writer, advisor and advocate for action on climate change and sustainability.

This talk is from September 2011. The talk is 30 mins and is followed by a Q&A.


Paul Gilding on the Great Disruption

length: 14:47   credit: Radio National: Sunday Extradownload   Dec 09, 2012

COP18 panelPaul Gilding is calling for a complete reset on the climate debate, saying we will not get a global agreement on climate change and it's a waste of time to think we ever will.

And he's got credentials: he was the global CEO of Greenpeace, taught at Cambridge University and works with business and industry.

He is optimistic that the world will do what needs to be done eventually, as international business is beginning to take the issue of climate change much more seriously.

But Paul reckons it will be done at the last minute and says business needs to be prepared for that time of crisis—what he calls the Great Disruption.

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