Press Release

Santa Rosa, CA (1. October 2012) Paul Gilding, former global CEO of Greenpeace International, adviser to Fortune 500 executives, and highly regarded Australian writer and activist, has joined the Post Carbon Instituteas a Climate & Business Fellow.  
Gilding has spent 35 years trying to change the world for the better. He’s served in the Australian military, chased nuclear armed aircraft carriers in small inflatable boats, plugged up industrial waste discharge pipes, taught at Cambridge University, started two successful companies and advised the CEOs of some the world’s largest companies.  
The unstoppable optimist is now an author and advocate, writing his widely acclaimed book “The Great Disruption” which prompted Tom Freidman to write in the New York Times “Ignore Gilding at your peril”. He travels the world alerting people to the global economic and ecological crisis now unfolding around us, as the world economy reaches and passes the limits to growth.

Paul joins Bill McKibben, Wes Jackson, Sandra Postel, Majora Carter, Zenobia Barlow and 23 other Fellows at the Post Carbon Institute, a nonprofit think tank whose task is to integrate the knowledge and experience of these global thought leaders to craft appropriate, actionable responses to the interrelated economic, energy and environmental crises we face. 
“It takes a good crisis to get us going. When we feel fear and we fear loss we are capable of quite extraordinary things.” – Paul Gilding
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