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Collins on ending inequality at Marketplace

December 22, 2016

Post Carbon Fellow Chuck Collin’s book was featured in this article at Marketplace.

From the article:

Collins, author of the book “Born on Third Base” and a senior scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies, has since studied income inequality extensively.

He joined us to talk about the country’s wealth gap, why he thinks charitable giving can be harmful to society, and what he thinks the economy will look like in the future.

On giving away his wealth:

In my early 20s, my first real job was helping these mobile home tenants, and I started to have this front-row seat into what was happening with low-wage workers. At the same time, I was watching the wealth in my name double every couple of years, and just something was wrong with that for me. And I made a decision to give away the wealth that I had when I was 26. …I also wanted to make my own way. Even though the reality is I still have this mountain of advantage coming from a stable and wealthy family. Social capital. And I’m white, I’m male, I got a debt-free college education, and all kinds of sort of advantages continue to flow. They’re sort of hardwired into my life.