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Rebuilding the Foodshed reviewed at Traverse City Record-Eagle

Philip Ackerman-Leist   2014-07-25

The Post Carbon Resilience Guide Rebuilding the Foodshed by Philip Ackerman-Leist was reviewed in this article on rebuilding community resilience. From the review: Ackerman-Leist’s book … >>

Jackson quoted at Food Tank

Wes Jackson   2014-07-21

Post Carbon Fellow Wes Jackson was quoted in this article on the future of agriculture. From the article: The United States currently loses 1.7 billion tons of topsoil a year. According to Wes … >>

Perl op-ed on coal risk at Vancouver Sun

Anthony Perl   2014-07-20

Post Carbon Fellow Anthony Perl's op-ed arguing against plans to build new coal shipment facilities appeared in the Vancouver Sun. From the article: Proposals for new coal export facilities on … >>

Hughes in Newsweek article on possible shale bubble

David Hughes   2014-07-14

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes was quoted in this Newsweek article looking at whether the US oil boom might be a bubble. From the article: Observers like Berman and Hughes believe the U.S. … >>

Hughes in Tyee article on shale gas

David Hughes   2014-06-27

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes was quoted in this article on shale gas prospects. From the article: After studying production data from 65,000 wells from 31 different unconventional shale … >>

Hughes on "risky business" of shale gas at Scientific American

David Hughes   2014-06-23

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes and author of the PCI report Drill Baby Drill? was quoted in this article about natural gas prospects in the US. From the article: Shale gas now accounts for … >>

Heinberg quoted on Iraq oil

Richard Heinberg   2014-06-19

Post Carbon Senior Fellow Richard Heinberg was quoted in this article on the growing Iraqi crisis. From the article: California-based Post Carbon Institute expert Richard Heinberg said if a … >>

Heinberg on peak oil and options for energy transition at RT

Richard Heinberg   2014-06-18

Post Carbon Senior Fellow Richard Heinberg was interviewed on peak oil and energy transition options at RT. Watch the interview: >>

Rees quote on economy at Vancouver 24hrs

William Rees   2014-06-17

Post Carbon Fellow Bill Rees was quoted in this article on growing wealth inequality at Vancouver 24hr news. From the article: The better way to get people working, according to Rees, is … >>

Kassan and Shuman in WSJ on local investing

Jenny Kassan Michael Shuman   2014-06-11

PCI Board Member Jenny Kassan and Fellow Michael Shuman were quoted in this Wall Street Journal article on local investment. From the article: "It just keeps so much more wealth in the … >>