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Heinberg on KCPWs The Rundown

Richard Heinberg   2014-09-26

Post Carbon Senior Fellow Richard Heinberg was interviewed on The Rundown on Our New Economic Reality. Segment begins at 6 minutes >>

Shuman on 'investment apartheid' at Powell Tribune

Michael Shuman   2014-09-23

Post Carbon Fellow Michael Shuman spoke about the unfair investment rules which stifle local business. From the article: Michael H. Shuman said economic paternalism, or fiscal segregation, is … >>

McKibben on historic Climate March at Democracy Now!

Bill McKibben   2014-09-22

Post Carbon Fellow Bill McKibben was interviewed on Democracy Now! from the People's Climate March, the biggest climate action in history.   From the transcript: BILL McKIBBEN: Amy, … >>

PCI in Paul Krugman NYT op-ed


Economist Paul Krugman lined up PCI with the Koch Brothers in this NYT op-ed on fighting climate change for free. From the post: But climate despair produces some odd bedfellows: Koch-fueled … >>

Hughes on the end of fracking at Vice News

David Hughes   2014-09-08

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes' work on the shale bubble was featured in this article at Vice. From the article: America's political elites are embracing the promise of American energy … >>

McKibben on IPCC leaked report and climate policy at Democracy Now!

Bill McKibben   2014-08-28

Post Carbon Fellow Bill McKibben was interviewed on Democracy Now! about the recently leaked IPCC report and US political moves on climate change. From the transcript: Sure. The new U.N. … >>

Hughes quoted on US shale in the Financial Times

David Hughes   2014-08-26

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes was quoted in this article on prospects for US shale gas and tight oil in the Financial Times. From the article: David Hughes, a geologist and one of the … >>

Rebuilding the Foodshed reviewed at Traverse City Record-Eagle

Philip Ackerman-Leist   2014-07-25

The Post Carbon Resilience Guide Rebuilding the Foodshed by Philip Ackerman-Leist was reviewed in this article on rebuilding community resilience. From the review: Ackerman-Leist’s book … >>

Jackson quoted at Food Tank

Wes Jackson   2014-07-21

Post Carbon Fellow Wes Jackson was quoted in this article on the future of agriculture. From the article: The United States currently loses 1.7 billion tons of topsoil a year. According to Wes … >>

Perl op-ed on coal risk at Vancouver Sun

Anthony Perl   2014-07-20

Post Carbon Fellow Anthony Perl's op-ed arguing against plans to build new coal shipment facilities appeared in the Vancouver Sun. From the article: Proposals for new coal export facilities on … >>