press coverage

Hopkins & Transition in Forbes

Rob Hopkins   2011-06-15

Post Carbon Fellow Rob Hopkins and the Transition Network were featured in this piece on innovation in Forbes. From the article: In the world of slow baked transformation Transition Towns is a … >>

Perl on hi-speed rail in Industry Weekly

Anthony Perl   2011-06-09

Post Carbon Fellow Anthony Perl was quoted in this feature piece on the prospects for hi-speed rail in Industry Weekly. From the article: "It isn't something that's close to home, so it … >>

Remixing Bill McKibben on Treehugger

Bill McKibben   2011-06-08

Post Carbon Fellow Bill McKibben's Washington Post op-ed remixed for video was featured in this piece on Treehugger. From the article: Bill McKibben penned a satirical op ed for the Washington … >>

Barlow quoted in article on new 'MyPlate' icon

Zenobia Barlow   2011-06-03

Post Carbon Fellow Zenobia Barlow was quoted in this article in the San Francisco Chronicle about the new USDA 'MyPlate' info graphic launched by Michelle Obama. From the article: Zenobia … >>

Rees quoted in article on the 'oil debate'

William Rees   2011-06-01

Post Carbon Fellow Bill Rees was quoted in this piece in the Torontoist about a recent oil debate inspired by Edward Burnitsky's photoexhibit. From the article: While Rees sees the need for … >>

Martenson quoted in UPI article on peak energy

Chris Martenson   2011-05-29

Post Carbon Fellow Chris Martenson was quoted in this article about replacing oil in UPI. From the article: Scientist/futurist Chris Martenson says it's not. In "The Crash Course: The … >>

Fridley quoted in NYT article on China's Utilities

David Fridley   2011-05-24

Post Carbon Fellow David Fridley was quoted in the article about the challenges facing China's power supplies. From the article: But coal is still king in China. The country has nearly half of … >>

Anthony Perl quoted in WSJ article about bus rapid transit

Anthony Perl   2011-05-23

Post Carbon Transportation Fellow Anthony Perl was quoted in this article about the rising trend of bus rapid transit systems. From the article: To date, five U.S. cities use BRT for parts of … >>

PCI Natural Gas report featured in the Financial Post

David Hughes   2011-05-20

PCI's new report Will Natural Gas Fuel America in the 21st Century? was featured in this article in the Financial Post. From the article: There has been a lot of debate regarding the saving … >>

Bradford and Farmland LP in Sustainable Business Oregon

Jason Bradford   2011-05-19

Post Carbon Board Member Jason Bradford and his Farmland LP project were featured in this article at Sustainable Business Oregon. From the article: Farmland Managing Director Craig Wichner and … >>