press coverage

New PCI report cited in National Journal

David Hughes   2011-04-20

Post Carbon's new report on natural gas, which will be released shortly, was mentioned in this article on the issues around the fuel. From the article:   The clearest conclusion that has … >>

Campbell cited in article on history of oil

Colin J. Campbell   2011-04-20

Post Carbon Adviser Colin Campbell was cited in this article on Marketplace about the history of oil production which includes an interactive diagram. Click on the image to view the interactive … >>

Hughes on Oil Scarcity - Alberta Prime Time

David Hughes   2011-04-18

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes was one of the expert guests on this piece about oil scarcity from Alberta Prime Time. Watch the video >>

Heinberg talk reported in the Salina Journal

Richard Heinberg   2011-04-17

Post Carbon Senior Fellow Richard Heinberg's recent Early Earth Day presentation was reported in the Salina Journal. From the article: His premise is not yet one that national policymakers and … >>

Allen in Bellingham Herald article on urban agriculture

Erika Allen   2011-04-15

Post Carbon Fellow Erika Allen was quoted in this piece on urban agriculture projects in the US. From the article:   Farms of the future must occupy less space, rely on fewer pesticides … >>

Sheehan quoted in article on waste wars

Bill Sheehan   2011-04-12

Post Carbon Fellow Bill Sheehan was quoted in this article from The Environmental Magazine on how the beverage industry is hijacking Extended Producer Responsibility waste standards. From the … >>

Heinberg in Guardian article on Japanese tsunami aftermath

Richard Heinberg   2011-04-04

Post Carbon Fellow Richard Heinberg was quoted in this article in The Guardian drawing comparisons between the aftermath of the Japanese tsunami and peak oil. From the article: Under the … >>

Carter award reported in Digital Journal

Majora Carter   2011-04-04

Post Carbon Fellow Majora Carter's radio show The Promised Land won the Peabody Award for best electronic media, as reported in this article on Digital Journal. From the article: … >>

Heinberg quoted in New York Times article on 'peak everything'

Richard Heinberg   2011-04-03

Post Carbon Senior Fellow Richard Heinberg was quoted in this article on the energy debate, precipitated by the Fukishima nuclear disaster in Japan. From the article: The International Energy … >>

Transition & Hopkins in The Atlantic

Rob Hopkins   2011-04-02

Transition as a response to resource depletion was the subject of this post by James Fallows in The Atlantic. From the article: Every gallon I consume is one less gallon on the market. By some … >>