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The Oil 'Revolution' Story Is Dead Wrong

Richard Heinberg Chris Martenson Mar 20, 2014   

This is a transcript of a conversation between Post Carbon Fellows Chris Martenson and Richard Heinberg ... >>

The Real Reason the Economy Is Broken (and Will Stay That Way)

Chris Martenson Feb 15, 2013   

We are far enough and deep enough into the most heroic monetary and fiscal efforts ever undertaken to finally ask, why aren't these measures working? Or at least we should be.  Oddly, many … >>

The really, really big picture: There isn't going to be enough net energy for the economic growth we want

Chris Martenson Jan 18, 2013   

[Many longtime followers of the Crash Course have asked Chris to update his forecasts for Peak Oil in light of the production increases in shale oil and gas over recent years. What started out as … >>

The Trouble with Money

Chris Martenson Apr 17, 2012   

Recently I was asked by a high school teacher if I had any ideas about why students today seem so apathetic when it comes to engaging with the world around them. I waggishly responded, "Probably because they're smart." ... >>

Dangerous Ideas

Chris Martenson Feb 23, 2012   

We are at a key turning moment in history. The actions that we will soon decide to take will be determined by the beliefs we hold. At a time like this, holding the wrong set of beliefs can … >>

Egypt's Warning: Are You Listening?

Chris Martenson Feb 10, 2011   

One day, a fruit and vegetable seller was arrested in Tunisia, sparking social unrest, and a few weeks later the government of Egypt was set to topple.  Such is the nature of complex, … >>

It's Official: The Economy Is Set To Starve

Chris Martenson Nov 24, 2010   

Part I: It's the End of the Oil As We Know It... Once a year, the International Energy Agency (IEA) releases its World Energy Outlook (WEO), and it's our tradition here at to … >>

Future Chaos: There Is No "Plan B"

Chris Martenson Oct 15, 2010   

The hard news is that there is no "Plan B."  The future is likely to be more chaotic than you probably think.  This was the primary conclusion that I came to after attending the most recent Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas (ASPO) in Washington, DC in October, 2010. ... >>

Bunkers ‘R Not Us: Correcting Boston Magazine’s Take on this Movement

Chris Martenson Jun 30, 2010   8 comments

The End is Near, Inc. This is the title of the recent full-spread article in Boston Magazine about me, my work and our community. It’s due out in hard print on Sunday with the Boston Globe. … >>

Transition Culture: An Interview with Chris Martenson

Chris Martenson Rob Hopkins Jun 8, 2010   

A while ago, Peter Lipman and myself did an interview with Chris Martenson when he was in Bristol as part of his tour of the UK. We did an extensive and far-ranging interview, which was … >>