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Michael Shuman: "I would say that we are winning"

Michael Shuman Rob Hopkins Apr 29, 2014   

I mostly follow evidence inside the United States and from that I would say that we are winning. There’s just been study after study that’s come out showing that localisation is good... ... >>

The Little Grocery That Could

Michael Shuman May 22, 2012   

What happens next in the economy – the nation’s, the state’s, and Seattle’s – no longer lies in the hands of Capitol Hill politicians, the Federal Reserve, or even … >>

Buying Local Yields More Jobs, Stronger Communities

Michael Shuman Dec 19, 2011   

[Excerpt]: According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend an average of about $700 per person on holiday season shopping this year and, despite the hype surrounding Black … >>

HOW BAMBI BEAT GODZILLA: A response to James Surowiecki

Michael Shuman Nov 21, 2011   

The mainstream’s view about small business is nicely encapsulated in the 1960s cult classic, “Bambi Meets Godzilla.”   In 90 mesmerizing seconds Tokyo’s all-star … >>

Don't Occupy Wall Street, Ditch It!

Michael Shuman Nov 7, 2011   

November 7, 2011 I personally support the spirit of Occupy Wall Street, especially the spotlight it has cast on the shocking level of inequality in our country. But the movement oddly conveys … >>

An Interview with Michael Shuman: if we’re serious about localisation, “all of us have to go to Business School”…

Michael Shuman Rob Hopkins Feb 14, 2011   

I was honoured last week to be able to interview Michael Shuman, who has long been one of pioneers of thinking on the question of localisation. It was a fascinating conversation… Can you … >>