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Where will all the water come from for LNG?

David Hughes Feb 28, 2014   

By Ben Parfitt and David Hughes One glaring problem with the provincial government’s strategy to turn B.C. into a LNG-exporting juggernaut is that it scuttles any chance B.C. has to be a … >>

Whither Shale Oil?—Interview with David Hughes

David Hughes Aug 12, 2013   

Production from shale oil plays has been impressive and has taken the national energy dialogue by storm. When did you sense that the shale oil plays had the kind of muscle they are currently showing? ... >>

Fracked Gas Won't Solve Energy Crunch: Report

David Hughes Mar 04, 2013   

Governments and financial analysts who think unconventional fossil fuels such as bitumen, shale gas and shale oil can usher in an era of prosperity and energy plenty are dangerously deluded ... >>

With Gas so Cheap and Well Drilling Down, Why is Gas Production so High?

David Hughes Jan 19, 2012   

Natural gas prices have declined to below $3.00/mcf, levels not seen for years, yet the EIA posted the highest gas production ever in October, 2011. U.S. gas production is growing despite annual … >>

Canadian Gas Exports Threaten Energy Security

David Hughes Nov 11, 2011   

Natural gas has been hyped of late as a way to reduce carbon emissions and reliance on oil and coal in business-as-usual growth scenarios. Much of this speculation rests on new technology to produce gas from previously inaccessible shale reservoirs. ... >>

Pelosi's Probe: Oil Sands & America's Addiction to Oil

David Hughes Sep 10, 2010   5 comments

Unless the US undergoes an epiphany and realizes that a paradigm shift is necessary in order to avoid the inevitable collision of growing consumption of oil and other resources with limits imposed by a finite planet, Canadian oil sands will continue to flow. Ms. Pelosi and other politicians may pay lip service to the obvious environmental constraints but the US really doesn’t have many alternatives as long as it is addicted to oil. ... >>

Canada's Energy Superpower Delusion

David Hughes Jul 13, 2010   

This is a review of Chapter 8 of Open Canada's Report: A Global Positioning Strategy for a Networked Age A SUPERPOWER IN NEED OF SUPER POWERS First off, Canada is not now, nor is it ever likely … >>

9 Global Experts Steer the Gulf Oil Spill Conversation into Fresh Waters

David Fridley David Hughes Erika Allen Gloria Flora Stephanie Mills Tom Whipple Warren Karlenzig William Ryerson Zenobia Barlow May 20, 2010   2 comments

In an effort to broaden the conversation about the horrific Gulf Coast oil spill, nine Fellows of the Post Carbon Institute offer their perspectives on largely underreported aspects and outcomes … >>