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The Latest Trends in Sustainable Communities

Michael Shuman Jun 03, 2014   

Solutions invited two pioneers in local and regional economic development to discuss new trends in sustainable communities. ... >>

The Main Street To Recaptured Capital

Michael Shuman Aug 29, 2012   

By Mike Rotkin, Solutions Journal As a former mayor of Santa Cruz, California, I have had a sustained interest in alternative investment strategies for local communities. Most of the proposals … >>

Local Dollars, Local Sense: Investing in Yourself

Michael Shuman Aug 06, 2012   

The following excerpt is from Chapter 10 of Local Dollars Local Sense: How to Shift Your Money from Wall Street to Main Street and Acheive Real Prosperity, published by Chelsea Green. Is it … >>

Local Dollars, Local Sense: The Hidden Power of Cooperatives

Michael Shuman Apr 27, 2012   

A group of scholars at the University of Wisconsin recently counted nearly 30,000 cooperatives in the United States operating at 73,000 locations. The vast majority are consumer cooperatives, … >>

Two Cheers for the JOBS Act

Michael Shuman Apr 23, 2012   

For nearly a century local investing has been essentially illegal, and Wall Street has monopolized all the investment options for the average investor. Thanks to the JOBS Act that President Barack … >>

5 Ways to Make Your Dollars Make Sense

Michael Shuman Feb 15, 2012   

Americans’ long-term savings in stocks, bonds, pension, life insurance, and mutual funds total about $30 trillion. But not even 1 percent of these savings touches local small businesses, the source of half the economy’s jobs and output. ... >>

Small Thinking About Small Business: A Rebuttal to Jared Bernstein

Michael Shuman Nov 01, 2011   

In his 1974 opinion in Geduldig vs. Aeillo, Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist asserted that discrimination on the basis of pregnancy was not tantamount to discrimination on the basis of … >>

Community Food Enterprise: Local Success in a Global Marketplace

Michael Shuman Jan 27, 2010   2 comments

[Excerpt] It's time to connect the headlines between persistent unemployment in the United States and growing food insecurity. The next Obama stimulus package should focus on how local food can … >>

Localization is Way to Redefine Globalization

Michael Shuman Nov 11, 2009   

[Excerpt] Madison residents love their farmers' markets, windmills, rural health cooperatives, credit unions and hundreds of other green businesses, appreciating how they simultaneously … >>

Invest Locally: Put Your Money Where Your Life Is

Michael Shuman Jul 13, 2009   2 comments

Americans want to invest locally: here’s how. The Obama Administration believes that the best way to repair our financial system after the Great Crash of 2008 is to improve the performance … >>