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The Peak Oil Crisis: 2012 – Apocalypse Now?

Tom Whipple Dec 21, 2011   

This would not be a biblical apocalypse or even a Mayan one, but rather an event of our own making. The world has made so many problems for itself in recent decades that the whole edifice of … >>

Soaring Oil and Food Prices Threaten Affordable Food Supply

Richard Heinberg Dec 14, 2011   

Advance version, for publication in UNCTAD Trade and Environment Review 2011/2012 (February 2012).   Abstract The current global food system is highly fuel- and … >>

As Global Population Grows, Water Matters More - interview

Sandra Postel Dec 13, 2011   

An interview with Post Carbon Water Fellow Sandra Postel and WWF senior vice president of market transformation Jason Clay. [Excerpt] NEIL CONAN: And Sandra, immigration - irrigation has helped … >>

Can We Restore the Prairie—And Still Support Ourselves?

Wes Jackson Dec 12, 2011   

[Excerpt]: Since ripping open the prairie for modern monocultures, we're losing soil and fertility. Agricultural pioneer Wes Jackson says there's another way. The Grass was the Country as the … >>

A Conversation With Rob Hopkins, Transition Movement Founder

Rob Hopkins Dec 05, 2011   

[Excerpt]: After years of studying and then teaching permaculture and natural building, Rob Hopkins helped to establish the Transition movement, which has been called "the biggest urban … >>

Life after the end of economic growth

Richard Heinberg Nov 30, 2011   

A continually rising GDP is not necessarily possible – or even desirable. So why do policymakers obsess over it? ... >>

The Peak Oil Crisis: The IEA’s Road Show

Tom Whipple Nov 30, 2011   

Every November following the publication of the IEA's World Energy Outlook, the leadership of the Agency travels to major capitols in an effort to explain to the world's leaders the conclusions of … >>

The Peak Oil Crisis: A Report to Remember

Tom Whipple Nov 22, 2011   

Last week the International Energy Agency released its annual report (600 pages) on just where energy production and consumption in the world is going over the next 25 years. Four or five years … >>

Islands in an Expanding Sea

Richard Heinberg Nov 21, 2011   

The following is the text of an address by Richard Heinberg to the Moana Nui Conference in Honolulu, November 12, 2011. Honolulu was concurrently hosting the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation … >>

What We Are For

Richard Heinberg Nov 17, 2011   

  Every activist engaged in combating human-caused climate change or specific elements of the current energy economy knows that the work is primarily oppositional. It could hardly be … >>