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The Peak Oil Crisis: Election 2012

Tom Whipple Feb 02, 2012   

If current trends continue, gasoline prices and U.S. energy policy seem destined to play a larger role in the political debate prior to the November elections than ever before. Gasoline on the … >>

The peak oil crisis: On closing our refineries

Tom Whipple Jan 26, 2012   

Here is one more thing for those of us who live in the northeastern U.S. to start worrying about - the refineries that make our gasoline, diesel, heating oil, etc. are dropping like flies. In … >>

“Sewer Mining” – Efficient Water Recycling Coming to a Community Near You

Sandra Postel Jan 23, 2012   

It sounds yucky at best, but mining sewage is growing in popularity, especially in Sydney, Australia, where a decade of drought forced some creative thinking about how to get, use and manage … >>

With Gas so Cheap and Well Drilling Down, Why is Gas Production so High?

David Hughes Jan 19, 2012   

Natural gas prices have declined to below $3.00/mcf, levels not seen for years, yet the EIA posted the highest gas production ever in October, 2011. U.S. gas production is growing despite annual … >>

Security by Design

David Orr Jan 19, 2012   

It is commonly assumed that our national security depends only on our capacity to project military power beyond our borders and has little to do with how we organize the internal business of the … >>

The peak oil crisis: cold fusion update

Tom Whipple Jan 19, 2012   

There have been enough developments in the cold fusion story during the last two weeks to warrant revisiting the subject. For those of you who came in late, cold fusion, also known as Low Energy … >>

Congress doesn’t know when to stop digging

Bill McKibben Jan 13, 2012   

[Excerpt]: John Boehner’s got a problem — a statistical trap that’s going to take some real work to get out of. His drive to completely discredit the institution of the … >>

Reality Strikes Back: A Review of Richard Heinberg’s The End of Growth

Richard Heinberg Jan 11, 2012   

By Chris Stratton, The Center for a New American Dream If you’re worried about the recession and looking for reassurance that the world’s economies will soon be back on track and … >>

The Peak Oil Crisis: Gasoline in 2012

Tom Whipple Jan 11, 2012   

In recent days there has been much discussion in the press about what might happen to gasoline prices in the coming year. Cognizant of the fact that retail gasoline is currently running nearly 30 … >>

Geopolitical Implications of “Peak Everything”

Richard Heinberg Jan 10, 2012   

From Solutions Journal, January 2012. Also published in the 20th Anniversary edition of Richard Heinberg's Musletter. From competition among hunter-gatherers for wild game to imperialist wars … >>