building resilience

We believe the future resides in resilient communities.

Resilient, because the complex economic, energy, and environmental challenges we face require not solutions to make problems go away, but responses that recognize our vulnerabilities, build our capacities, and enable us to adapt to an increasingly unpredictable future.

Communities, because the future is grounded in local relationships: among families and neighbors, respecting the ecological resources that sustain us, and through the institutions with which we govern ourselves.

Post Carbon Institute will bring the best local resilience-building ideas and models to thousands of communities. These efforts — many already underway — are tackling the complex environmental, economic, and energy challenges. Recognizing that communities are the key to effecting social change, we will help build the capacity of communities to develop effective responses to the changing conditions, and help build a collaborative network of communities, community leaders, and experts.

our approach

Post Carbon Institute provides concrete, tangible resources for individuals and communities to take action. In 2012, we debuted the Community Resilience Guides, four handbooks on planning for a relocalized future, producing food locally, producing energy locally, and financing these and similar ventures. PCI will also launch, a clearinghouse of information and inspiration, and a convening point for individuals and groups.