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01 November, 2020
5:34 am

During his talk, Richard Heinberg will

  • review the types of energy used today — and why some are less suitable for certain uses
  • briefly underline the imperative to shift away from fossil fuels
  • highlight creative “workarounds” for intermittent energy sources like wind and solar
  • explore how much energy will be required to create the renewable infrastructure we need for tomorrow — and steps in planning for this shift.

Bring your questions like these:

“What about hydrogen cars?” “Can nuclear energy save us?” “Can we scale up with renewables?”

The author of 13 books on energy and climate issues, Richard Heinberg is Senior Fellow at the Post Carbon Institute in Santa Rosa. He has written for Nature, the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, the Christian Science Monitor and other publications, has lectured throughout the world, including to the European Parliament, and has appeared as a commentator on NPR, Good Morning America and C-SPAN. You can subscribe to his monthly online Museletter at www.richardheinberg.com.

Heinberg’s talk is sponsored by the Cool Planet team at First Presbyterian Church, Peninsula Interfaith Climate Action and 350 Silicon Valley.