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Sherrie Vieira
Web & Administrative Specialist

Sherrie is a native Oregonian and a U.S. Army veteran. She worked as a production assistant with a small film house creating exciting dramas such as “How to Properly Install a Car Seat” while attending the University of Oregon. After graduating with a degree in digital arts, Sherrie began her career as a graphic artist and web developer.

For nearly four years, Sherrie assisted a small R&D company on projects using machine learning and natural language processing to improve education and training. Wearing every hat in the office, she coordinated travel, organized booths and staff for trade shows, managed the office, and even gave out candy on Halloween. She also hosted two tutorial sessions at the I/ITSEC conference (the world’s largest modeling, simulation, and training conference) in Orlando, Florida, on the use of HTML5 in interactive training and serious games.

Sherrie is an eager technophile, but she hasn’t lost sight of her love for Oregon, conservation efforts, and the wilderness that needs to be preserved.