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Strengthening the community resilience movement.

Post Carbon Institute believes that building community resilience is our best response to the looming economic, energy, and environmental challenges of the 21st Century. A resilient community is one that can maintain its essential identity while adapting to these and other challenges.

Our Community Resilience program supports people who want to deepen their thinking and pursue strategies that build community resilience in a sustainable and equitable way.

We can’t “solve” these challenges with technical fixes. Nor can we ignore the need for global action, or the needs of people less fortunate than ourselves. But we can recognize our vulnerabilities, build our capacities, and take advantage of opportunities—even in an increasingly unpredictable future. We can adapt our behaviors, connect with neighbors, develop viable strategies, and rediscover a shared sense of meaning. And we can have a world that supports robust communities of healthy, creative people and ecosystems where millions of other species flourish.

We can build a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable world…for all—if we have a true understanding of the nature of the challenge, employ systems and resilience thinking, and act with courage, creativity, humility, and humanity.


The Community Resilience program includes:

  • Think Resilience, an online course that provides subscribers with an understanding of the systemic crises of the 21st century, introduces them to systems and resilience thinking, and provides practical examples of efforts to build resilience in various sectors of society.
  • Resilience.org, the premier source of news, insights, and resources for our turbulent times, visited by over 1 million people a year.
  • Take Action to build resilience in yourself, your household, and your community.

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