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The Power of Unpredictable Outcomes

You may be familiar with the Butterfly Effect. It’s a concept that if you change something in a system—even by just a little bit—you can dramatically change the entire outcome.

How Do You Walk the Talk?

When you know the truth about our sustainability crises, most of us decide to make lifestyle choices that move us towards a more resilient future. But often it still doesn’t feel like enough. But one way that we can have a really big impact is to help other people better understand the crises we face and what can be done to lessen the negative impacts in the future. That’s what we’re here for. We hope to leverage the power in numbers and inspire more and more people to step up and make meaningful lifestyle changes; from using less energy to building a more equitable economy. Help us reach more people by donating to our Walk the Talk Campaign today.

300 Years of Fossil Fuels in 300 Seconds

First released in late 2010, this video went on to win the 2011 Youtube/DoGooder Nonprofit Video of the Year award and (as of September 2014) has been viewed over 1,500,000 times online, at film festivals, and in classrooms. It’s also been translated into nearly a dozen languages.

Hello Humanity, it’s me, Technology. We need to talk.

Technology has grown with us, side by side, since the dawn of human society. But all the gifts it has bestowed have come with costs. And now, are we asking too much of technology?


This four-part video series, released in April of 2015, explores some of the critical questions we face as society embarks on the transition to life beyond fossil fuels. The themes covered in these videos are much more thoroughly explored in Heinberg’s book Afterburn: Society Beyond Fossil Fuels.

Watch all four videos.

Who Killed Economic Growth?

Released in 2011, this video was made to summarize some of the key arguments made in our landmark book, The End of Growth: Adapting to Our New Economic Reality.

Don’t Worry, Drive On

We made this animation to counter the spate of assertions that peak oil is a worry of the past and that the US is entering a new era of energy abundance. The video has since been viewed over 225,000 via Youtube and Vimeo.

Fracking America: Visualizing the Virus (Is it Worth It?)

Released in December 2014.

DISCLAIMER: Well locations and numbers are approximations based on best available data.


Released in September 2014, this video brings to light (through dark humor) our addiction to oil.

You Are Here: The Oil Journey

Narrated by the legendary actor Peter Coyote, this video tells the story of our collective oil journey over the last hundred years. The video was made to serve as an example of a customizable presentation that anyone can give. For more information visit oiljourney.org.

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