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July 2, 2020

Young Women Empowered’s Victoria Santos approached our big question with a focus on social justice and racial equity. Her passionate insights included:

  • The pandemic and recent protests provide the opportunity to reveal who we are to each other and who we can be to each other.
  • That COVID-19 is having a disproportionate burden on people of color, indigenous people and the disenfranchised.
  • That this isn’t just a crisis of today; that it has been accumulating for generations and we need to get to work to dismantle systems of oppression.
  • That for real change to happen, people need to feel the pain; not just feel inconvenienced.
  • A vision that we wake up and begin to figure out how to live in harmony with the planet, with other species, and with each other.

About Victoria Santos

Victoria Santos is Co-Director of Young Women Empowered and a leader who works for social justice and racial equity with institutions, schools and community organizations in the U.S. and internationally. Victoria is a Spanish-fluent Afro-Latina immigrant born in the Dominican Republic. Her commitment to social justice and service has expressed itself in many forms over the past 30 years, including designing programs, community advocacy, facilitating groups, and community development in the U.S. and internationally. Victoria emphasizes intersectional awareness, individual and collective healing, and commitment to compassionate action.

Young Women Empowered

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