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Flying to the US: was it worth it?

April 20, 2016

In October 2013, Peter Lipman and I travelled to the US, initially to be part of the Environmental Grantmakers’ Association annual retreat, but also to visit a number of Transition groups.  I had, at the time, not flown for...


Too Much Water to Waste?

April 9, 2016

Does California have too much water? Seriously. Because our actions are sending peculiar messages. Even the State Water Board has backed off on conservation targets for some water agencies. It’s true, rains have replenished much of Northern California’s reservoirs...


Remembering Martin Sabo

March 16, 2016

Minnesota Congressman Martin Olav Sabo died earlier this week, after retiring from Congress in 2006. Rep. Sabo was lead sponsor of legislation called the Income-Equity Act, which he championed for almost a decade. Sabo’s Act would have eliminated the...