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Climate Solutions: What Every Parent and Community Member Needs to Know and Do

Asher Miller has a compelling, emotionally charged message about treating climate change like the emergency it is. Although his presentation will appeal to anyone who cares about the climate and the fate of future generations, it’s especially relevant for parents of young children. In fact, Asher explains these 10 things every parent should do to respond to the climate crisis: (1) Recognize that this is, in fact, an emergency; (2) Own this, but not on your own; (3) Talk to your kids; (4) Set aside 1 hour a week, to begin with, to work on this; (5) Shift your personal and household choices; (6) Put your town or city on an emergency footing; (7) Engage politically at the state and national level; (8) Build resilience in your community; (9) Engage your kids in decision-making; and (10) Connect to nature and each other. Please watch the video or visit this webpage for additional information.

Creating a Sustainable Future: Rob Dietz

Enough is Enough: Building a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources presented by Rob Dietz. This is the first video in a sustainability speaker series sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Recorded 4/24/19

Taking Meaningful Action in a Time of Crisis

A web-based conversation with three remarkable agents of change: Tim DeChristopher, who risked his freedom to oppose fossil fuel extraction on public lands; Nick Tilsen, who is creating a regenerative, sustainable future for his community on the Oglala Lakota Native American reservation; and Sarah Peters, an environmental engineer who won public office on a climate change platform.

During this 90-minute roundtable discussion you’ll hear about these three very different paths of engagement and come away with concrete ideas for how you can answer the question: “What can I do?”

Your Money, Your Life and the Fate of the Planet

Best-selling author of Your Money or Your Life Vicki Robin, Grant Sabatier, author of Financial Freedom, and Post Carbon Institute Executive Director Asher Miller discuss how to transform our relationship with money, what makes life worth living, how to tackle the environmental, energy, and economic challenges we face, and practical strategies for building financial independence to free up our time for what really matters.